🎤New Gisborne primary concert🎤

Yesterday New Gisborne Primary school put on a concert.
Our grades song was Dynamite. We couldn’t chose a song so our because our song choices were inappropriate so our preforming arts teacher chose it.
To make a dance was hard because all of us had different ideas so we got our moves off just dance(dancing game). We also added a bit of our own moves at the end. We all got in to a circle and Charlize, Fintan, Jarrod, Sophie, Mikaylah, Madi, Amelia, Amy and Sabine preformed tricks. We practised fo months and by the end we were ready to perform. At the start I didn’t want to dance because I was nervous but by the end I exited was ready to perform.

💧💦Westen Water💦💧

Today Ann from Westen Water came in to tell us about saving water and being sustainable. We had a augment to see if our pice was sustainable or not.

My pice was about using recycled water to water our crops in Gisborne. You should use tank water or lake water to water your fruit and vegetables.

I learnt about the great pacific garbage patch. It’s bigger then Victoria.

Somthis I will do different is watering my veggie patch with tank water.


Resilience is when you get put down by some one but you get up and face them.

Today the year 5s did a preformance we did it to the song titanium by Sia.

I’v shown resilience at the shops I wanted chocolate dad sed no I kept trying and I got the chocolate.


☀️🌏Climate change🌦🌏☀️

img_1813Today Cery a meteorologist came in to talk to us about climate change. Climate change is real because the diagrams showed the difference between years and the tepreture its going up. Scientists say that humans are the main culprit of putting CO2 in the O zone layer. Cows are putting methane  in the air by farting other animals put methane in the air but cows get farmed in big portions. So I think climate change is real.

Reading Comprehension

On Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th of August our class 5C learnt about 3 types of understanding they are literal, Inferential and personal. I am going to explain each of these types of understanding and why they are an important part of our reading comprehension.


LITERAL MEANING – Literal meaning is what is actually happens in a story. Things like the main idea, facts, characters and order of events can be identified as literal meaning without them the story wouldn’t make sense.

INFERENTIAL MEANING –  Inferential meaning is when you think about the text and make a conclusion about what is going to happen based on clues throughout the story. Things like assumptions, cause and effect and future predictions can be identified as inferential meaning.

PERSONAL MEANING – Personal meaning is when you think about your past experiences and knowledge and how it relates to the story e.g. if the story talks about a dog you should be able to visualise a dog based on things you have learnt about dogs or past experiences you have had with a dog.