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Reading Comprehension

On Thursday the 4th and Friday the 5th of August our class 5C learnt about 3 types of understanding they are literal, Inferential and personal. I am going to explain each of these types of understanding and why they are an important part of our reading comprehension.


LITERAL MEANING – Literal meaning is what is actually happens in a story. Things like the main idea, facts, characters and order of events can be identified as literal meaning without them the story wouldn’t make sense.

INFERENTIAL MEANING –  Inferential meaning is when you think about the text and make a conclusion about what is going to happen based on clues throughout the story. Things like assumptions, cause and effect and future predictions can be identified as inferential meaning.

PERSONAL MEANING – Personal meaning is when you think about your past experiences and knowledge and how it relates to the story e.g. if the story talks about a dog you should be able to visualise a dog based on things you have learnt about dogs or past experiences you have had with a dog.





Explanation text

keys to make a good explanation text

good vocab ,good intro, It is about your text, good conclusion, photo or  diagram and a bibliography


I Can Explain Why You Need To Shear Your Sheep

Sheep are big wooly animals that produced lamb,mutton and wool how did sheep get hear? well some sheep came hear on the first fleet in 1788.
On the 16 of May 1797 the h.m.s arrived with 33 merino sheep. Sheep require care to avoid death.

Sheep are normally sheared twice a year. Instead of 5 minutes it could take 2 hours. It also could lead to death because if you shear it when it is cold it could freeze to death and if it is too hot it could over heat.

If it rains it could way the sheep down and that means that it could get dehydrated and die.

by Blake.                                            image